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Power of positive thinking when career searching

The Power Of Positive Thinking When Looking for a Career

In the midst of a job search, job seekers often hit the roadblock of self-doubt. The world tends to operate from a pessimistic perspective and it is often easier to assume the worst instead of hoping for best.  The negative thoughts that come from thoughts associated with past failures, fears of change, and perceived shortcomings can creep in when job prospects fall through.  Intentionally changing one’s thought patterns can be a key way to overcome these negative pit stops during the job search.  

If not careful, a fear of failure can grow into an inability to attempt something new.  After some time entrenched negative thought patterns, an individual may view him or herself as inadequate. This belief is often reinforced by his or her negative circle and can have serious consequences on mental health.

People with a positive outlook tend to attract other positive people. Having positive circles of friends and family can be helpful and insulating during a difficult time of our lives.  Those with a positive influence can act as natural cheerleaders that help encourage and balance out our negative thoughts. Those with a more negative outlook and those that continually surround themselves with others who tend to be more negative have a much more difficult time during times of stress and challenge.   

Intentionally focusing on personal growth and positive affirmation as a way to combat negative, repetitive thought. Positive affirmations channel emotions, awareness, and actions; it is essentially a reprogramming process for our mind, allowing us to shape our thoughts.  Visualize needs and wants to take back control of personal motives and actions in order to achieve goals. To begin an affirmation journey:

Begin an affirmation journey:

  • Set small, but achievable goals. Select those that could evolve into a something over time and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when each goal is reached. When choosing an affirmation, be authentic; you must believe. Faith is just a concept if you do not truly believe and embrace it.
  • Create short and easy to remember affirmations.  Weave them into the fabric of your daily routines; visual aids such as note cards and pictures strategically placed in your home and office will become a powerful ally in positive thinking habits. Utilize vivid colors that speak to the positivity. Scents, sounds, and touchable items help affirmations connect to all senses and only help to strengthen the attached feeling.
  • Convey affirmations powerfully. It is more constructive to focus simply on the desired outcome than what is not wanted.  Instead of stating, “ I don’t want to be an assistant,” reword the thought into something positive such as “I will only accept an executive position.” Communicating positively is more stimulating and often gets better results because the goal is clear.

Negativity does not need to be a hindrance in the search for personal and professional development. Choose to be positive and affirm your purpose and goals to achieve your dreams!