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What We Do

The Tools To Land Your Dream Job

A fully researched and targeted resume is just the beginning of our journey; we will strategize, design, and optimize all aspects of your job search and teach you how to make an outstanding impression in a competitive job market with your cover letter, LinkedIn profile, recruitment services, and career prep coaching.

Take a look at all of our services that will get you noticed or contact us and we can guide you through the process.


Resume Audit

Our professional resume writers will audit your current resume, suggest text edits, & recommend changes to design & formatting. Audits are submitted to you in a word document - 1 version, no edits.

Client retains full control over their resume as all copy, design, & formatting changes must be made by the client.

Resume Refocus

Happy with your design and just want us to focus on your content? We will edit, rewrite, & optimize text to give you the basics for a powerful new resume.

Includes resume writing & an Applicant Tracking System-friendly version. Excludes new format & design.

Recent Grads & Entry Level Resume

First-time job seekers, or those that have less than 4 years’ work experience, need a resume that will set them apart. We will work with you to create a fully researched and targeted resume highlighting your achievements and relevant experience to help land the career you want.

Includes resume writing, format and design, advice on how best to use your resume, and an Applicant Tracking System-friendly version.

Professional Resume

We brag for you! It is critical for experienced professionals with over 4 years’ experience to present a technically sound resume that demonstrates your professional expertise, communicates your story, and puts you ahead of other applicants. Our professional resume writers understand what it takes to accomplish this and are ready to help elevate your career path.

Includes resume writing, format and design, advice on how best to use your resume, and an Applicant Tracking System-friendly version.

C-Level / Federal / CV 

We understand the complexities of these & the importance of high-level responsibilities, crystal-clear leadership, & personal branding. We will create a solid document that showcases your market value & give you a competitive edge.

Includes resume writing, format & design, & an Applicant Tracking System-friendly version.


LinkedIn Profile Set-Up & Optimization

Create a strong online presence that markets your talent, skills, and experience. Designed to attract industry professionals and hiring managers, your new LinkedIn profile will significantly boost your chance of being noticed and hired.

Increasingly more hiring managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to find and vet new employees. A thorough, attention-grabbing profile that clearly reflects your personal brand and enhances your professional resume will help give you a competitive advantage.

Includes set-up (if needed), writing, optimization, and advice on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile.

Cover Letters

Cover Letter & Letter of Interest

Make a great first impression. In most instances, a hiring manager will look at your cover letter before your resume, so it’s important that you immediately convince them that you are the best fit for the position. We will craft a fully customizable, professionally written cover letter that showcases your key skills and achievements, and targets the specific job you are seeking.

Includes writing, format and design, and any important industry-specific keywords.

Full Bio

One of the hardest things to do is write about yourself. Our professional biography services help elevate and strengthen your professional presence by telling your unique story in a captivating 1-page bio (200-500 words). It is the perfect tool for speaking engagements, website content, or if you want to be considered for board roles.

Includes fully customized writing, design and format.

Short Speaking Bio

Clear, concise, and captivating. Our short bios capture your personality, vision, professional attributes, and position within your industry in less than 200 words. They are essential for professionals who host regular speaking engagements, write articles, or publish thought leadership pieces online.

Includes fully customized writing (usually 75-100 words), design and format.

Career Readiness

Interview Preparation

When interviewing for a job, strategic guidance and actionable insights can help increase your confidence, differentiate you from the competition, and land the role. We offer mock interviews, practice different interview techniques, and discuss the importance of body language. Our coaching services are particularly helpful for those that haven’t been for a job interview in years, are navigating a career change, or would like specific pointers for phone, video, or panel interviews.

Salary Negotiation

Know what you’re worth! If you don’t know your value, you’ll never know if you’ve settled for less. We’ll provide you with the tools on how to successfully negotiate and get the salary you deserve using mock negotiations and tried and tested strategies. Our coaching sessions not only help eliminate stress and anxiety, but they empower you with valuable life skills that elevate your career profile.

Job Search Assistance

Our on-staff recruiter will set up customized career searches tailored to your industry & desired position, & you’ll get pre-qualified job leads straight to your inbox. This time-saving tool helps eliminate some of the stress associated with job searching & can open up opportunities that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Resume Distribution

Resume Distribution

Get your resume into the right hands. This powerful service boosts your chance of getting noticed and getting hired. We personally connect you to a verified network of 800-2500 recruiting firms by emailing your customized cover letter and resume and filtering positive responses back to you. This service not only saves you time and accelerates your job search, but we do all of the hard work for you!

Customized Job Searches

Focus on what really matters: getting hired! Our on-staff recruiter will set-up customized career searches tailored to your industry and desired position, and you’ll get pre-qualified job leads straight to your inbox. This time-saving tool helps eliminate some of the stress associated with job searching and can open up opportunities that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Includes phone consultation.

Small Businesses

Recruitment & Placement

Hire better and improve the efficiency of your business. We’ll help you build your dream team by onboarding market-ready talent across a variety of industries and providing custom recruiting solutions that exceed your expectations. Contact us for a personalized quote and let us find your next team member today!

Content & Copywriting

Copywriting can be hard! Take the pressure off and let one of our professional writers compose engaging content that sends the right message to your audience. From big business executives to small crafters and start-ups, we can help you find your voice web copy, product brochures, blog posts, press releases and more.