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Verity Wilcher

Though she is a fresh face to the professional industry, Verity Wilcher is thrilled to further her professional abilities and provide top-notch services to a diverse array of clients as a member of the Silver Key Team. A self-defined millennial-generation Z cusp, Verity has spent her time in and out of college working with millennials and “zoomers” to find their footing through academic and professional development. While attending Salem College, she started her own academic advising business and worked as a writing consultant at her school’s writing center. It was during this time that she cultivated and perfected her skills as a resume writer and job hunter extraordinaire.

Verity earned a Bachelors of Arts in Women’s Studies, with a concentration in Advocacy, and a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Media Studies, with a concentration in Theory and Analysis from Salem College in May 2019. Throughout her undergraduate career, Verity served as a researcher and a teaching assistant alongside one of her professors. In 2018, Verity presented at her research at the 2018 Cultural Rhetorics Conference; the research analyzed the intersection of body positivity and millennial feminism through the lens of Instagram. During this time, she developed invaluable skills related to research, content aggregation, and writing. As a research associate for a doctorale level project, she consumed multiple dense media texts and produced several versions of the content for people of varying comprehension levels of academic feminism and social media. It is because of the skills and experiences during her college career that Verity is confident in her ability as a resume writer for Silver Key Career Solutions.

Though she doesn’t have the most professional experience, she does have a vast array of research experience and is in the unique position of being a job seeker herself. Not only does she have the ability and the desire to research best practices for others’ career development, she is actively doing so for her own development. She’s searching for the best ways to capture and maintain recruiters’ attention through personal branding, be that through resume and cover letter writing or through LinkedIn optimization. She’s still figuring everything out and would be overjoyed to help you on your own journey towards personal and professional success.