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Sadie Harper

Sadie has lived in Raleigh for over 22 years, long enough to consider herself a native. Her experience runs the gamut – from the legal field to interior design to content writing, marketing/market research, and business development. Her undergrad degree is in Psychology and Criminal Justice, from Meredith College, followed by nearly five years as a paralegal/legal research assistant. She then spent time raising young children and renovating her house from top to bottom – which led to opening her own interior design firm, partly so she could work and still be available for her children. Sadie is a creative free spirit; she’s been called a “world changer” due to her affinity for transforming the world around her. She loves helping others transform their worlds as well.

While expecting her third child, Sadie took a break again to focus on her children and to pursue a Master of Science in Merchandising and Business Development (she’s thrilled at the prospect of letters behind her name!). A self-proclaimed and unabashed over-achiever, Sadie is full-time single mom to three children while also finishing grad school and pursuing her personal dreams and career passions. Her expertise as a freelancer/entrepreneur gives her in-depth understanding of the professional world and offers her the opportunity to work with business professionals to help them clarify and pursue their visions.

One of Sadie’s childhood dreams was to be a writer, and she has now had several of her personal essays published. She even won first prize in Carolina Woman Magazine’s writing contest in 2016 with a poem. A story-teller, she loves to find the right voice, the right narrative, and the right words to bring them all to life.