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Nandi Awad

Nandi is a higher education professional with more than six years of admissions, academic advising, and career services experience. She is a college professor who teaches students about their academic and career choices. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Sports Management and Marketing due to her passion for advocating for athletes. Being an athlete herself all the way through college, she understands how to navigate through tough lifestyles and competing priorities.

Nandi has had a lot of time to do market research on multiple industries. Initially, she was going to attend law school, but financial barriers got in the way. During that time, she was forced to create a space for herself to figure out her new career path. This led to her desire to help people get through hard times in their professional life. She realized there weren’t too many resources available to help people overcome circumstances that halt their goals. She is known to be someone who will take the extra step to support her clients and students.

Nandi is also a mother to a beautiful, inquisitive, and outgoing little girl. She has had to take on a lot of things to be a positive example for her daughter. She values the life of the working parent and understands that things are not always conventional. One of her goals is to create opportunities to educate her daughter on business practices and passive income as she gets older. Being financially free and creating generational wealth is something that Nandi sees as an imperative goal in life.