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Lindi Ogilvie

Lindi has a solid background in marketing communications, ghostwriting, and digital training, plus she’s a social media whizz! She is brimming with innovative ideas and even has some recruitment experience, making her a wonderful addition to the team.

As a self-proclaimed digital explorer, Lindi has her finger on the pulse of LinkedIn’s best practices and will equip you with the insider secrets to getting found. Additionally, her creative experience ensures that each resume design is functional, fresh and relevant, and she is able to articulate professional skills and work experience in a way that is captivating for recruiters and hiring managers.

Lindi is originally from Cape Town, South Africa and lived in Dubai for almost 10 years, but now calls North Carolina home. Being a newbie gives her a unique insight into others facing the similar challenges of settling in, finding jobs and making friends. Lindi is a testament to the fact that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude can land you the career of your dreams – reach out, get your resume updated, and start making your LinkedIn profile work for you!