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JoNita Cox

JoNita Cox is originally from Sanford, NC, but after moving to Raleigh to attend NC State University she realized this is where she belongs and now calls the Triangle home. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from NC State University and after graduating became employed by the university. After her tenure at NC State, JoNita started searching for a new opportunity where she could continue to develop her business management skills. She found that networking for women in the Triangle was lacking so with encouragement from her friend and Silver Key Career Solutions founder & owner, Gigi Marie, JoNita launched the Networking Women of the Triangle (NWOTT).

While managing the group, she began to notice that her extensive research skills were helpful in finding job leads; quickly and efficiently matching job descriptions and qualifications with experience. So much so, that she would assist members with their job search, post countless leads in the group, and finds opportunities that many were unable to find, sometimes searching in ways that many knew never existed.

Coupled with expert advice from Gigi Marie on resumes, cover letters, and how to navigate applicant tracking systems, her personal job search did have a successful ending. JoNita landed a position at a local research institute, RTI International, as a project manager in late 2016 and has transitioned to the commercial side, as Deputy Director for an RTI analytical software tool.

JoNita enjoys researching, collaborating, analyzing, and providing support/encouragement. These skills make her a Master Job Search Specialist and Silver Key Career Solutions is happy to have her as part of the team.